We have been actively involved in Co-Ordination of execution of projects of 220 & 400 kV. Our activities include approval of GA drawings both Civil & Electrical, SMQP’s, BOQ’s, Preparing of L-2 Network, its approval, Vendor approval, Kick off meeting, Coordination with Site & Procurement officials, Soil classification, approval of types of foundations, installations of towers & structures, helping our clients on finding civil & Electrical contractors, discussing with them on prices, helping clients finalize them, ensuring they work in given time line, keeping a close watch on site activities, co coordinating with ultimate clients officials on progress, resolving any issues which may arise, ensuring they help our project team and are present when needed.

We ensure timely inspection, getting issues resolved on inspection if any, getting dispatch instructions, getting way bills, keeping track of materials & getting Material receipt notes from consignees of ultimate client, lodging them with accounts authorities, checking that they are error free and in line with specifications of Purchase Order, checking all enclosures.

We keep track of progress on bill passing at accounts wing & ensure that no delay is attributed due to any mistake or over sight.

We ensure that timely remittance is received by our clients and they are informed well in advance so that they are able to plan their finances.

Regular site visits are an integral part of our operations as this helps in streamlining over all progress & also helps in building personal relations with ultimate clients.

Many issues do occur which are not fore seen in the beginning and these are suitably taken care by us.

We have been quite successful in achieving these and many other activities while we coordinated following projects,

1. 220 kV GIS – Jaipur.
2. 400 kV TL – Anta – Kawai.
3. 400 kV TL – Phagi-Heerapura, Heerapura – Ajmer.

We are known for smooth & seamless execution as we resolve all impediments which may arise in execution as well as timely collections.

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