About Us

Our Corporate Profile

  • Founded in year 2007.
  • Alliance with reputed Companies.
  • Promoted by an Electrical Engineer with over 30 years in Marketing & Sales with Companies of repute in Power sector.
  • We are top Consulting Electrical Engineers, Project Execution Co-Ordination & Liaison Company at Jaipur for Pioneer Sector.

Our culture & Capabilities

  • Resolving issues in a set time frame.
  • Reputation.
  • Customer centric.
  • First tme right.


As an enlightened Power Sector Professional, you are aware that during 2008-2012, Power Sector appeared pretty bullish & optimistic & major players in field of manufacture of Capital Equipment’s had invested heavily in India & had built up their capacities.

Since the scenario was so bullish, some new EPC contractors had ventured in unchartered territories of Transmission Lines & few ventured into Sub Stations on turnkey basis.

These new entrants were quite successful in securing high value contracts for TL & SS but unfortunately many had to face delay in completion, levying of non recoverable penalties, blocked finances & few even got black listed as their clients were still working with a fixed mind set & were not even willing to offer them a helping hand.

The results were catastrophic for both Utilities as well as EPC contractors.

As a enlightened professional you are aware, execution of a Project, be it TL or SS is a tricky business & many activities needs to be addressed & accomplished simultaneously to ensure adherence to L – 2 network, avoiding Penalties& facing Heads of Utilities with success. This is a point of ecstasy, which we are sure you will agree.

However in our experience of over three decades we have seen that there is hardly a Project which was completed in time & financial loss was avoided. We are not mentioning of commissioning of Project here because this is directly related to many variables which are not pertaining to EPC contractor.

This is where a need of having a dedicated Professional Engineer with experience in these field arises as he then owns responsibility of Project, interacts with his client as well as utilities, visit site, resolve issues & create a conducive environment for seam less progress.

We specialize in above activities.

It is always beneficial to have up front knowledge of upcoming Project, likely competition, likely pricing levels, fund position of that targeted Utility, cycle time, Soil details, availability of sand, crushed stones, cement, water, Power etc.

Having personal relations with site officials is always an advantage.

After having known these facts it is reasonably clear on achieving success.

We also extend help in evaluation of Tenders & inform our clients upfront of inputs needed and ensure their bids are opened.

After receipt of LOI & Order, it is of utmost importance to commence activities such as collection of Advance, submission of L-2 Network, getting this approved after due deliberations with concerned officials & providing our clients with contractors, Surveyors, Technical teams etc.

Other activities such as submission of SMQP’s, GA Drawings getting their approval, getting officials nominated for inspection, Getting Dispatch Instructions, getting Way Bills, getting receipt of materials from site, lodging error free bills with necessary enclosure & prescribed formats in accounts wing & ensuring timely payment is one of our KPA & our success rate in this has been 100%, consistently.

This is an advantage to our clients as this is where generallymost Companies get struck & their finances go awry, which necessarily have cascading effect on incoming supplies or site activities.

As you are aware there have been review meeting with Heads of Utilities on progress. We are always a part of delegation of our client for such meetings as ultimate client have expressed in past that want to listen from us & also because we have been successful in adding value.

There can be instances when some reason payment gets delayed from Utility. In this situation we even help our clients by persuading Utility to arrange funds from where ever possible & we have done this in past.

Our being in Rajasthan for over three decade is also an advantage as most of Senior level officials are very well known to us.

As mentioned here in above, EPC Companies in India are currently under pressure at the same time they have to have business & the best way to achieve bottom line is to have some one along who knows ins & out of that geographical area to avoid any financial loss.

With the grace of All Mighty, God, we have achieved this in three such cases,

  • 220 kV GIS at Jaipur for AREVA T & D.
  • 400 kV TL for LANCO INFRATECH.
  • 400 kV TL for GET POWER.

Our being Electrical Engineers & experience this field is a huge advantage.

Secondly since we have earlier worked in Companies of repute in Power Sector, we are fully aware of various reviews, time lines & our inputs shall ease many pressures.

We would therefore look forward for hearing from you so that we can arrive at an agreement.

Key Persons & Experience

Rakesh Sharma

Electrical Engineer with over 30 years of rich experience. He is ably supported by team dedicated professionals.