About Us

Our Corporate Profile

  • Promoted by an electrical engineer.
  • Alliance with top grade indian & korean corporates.

Our culture & Capabilities

  • Ownership.
  • Vale addition.
  • Customer centric.
  • Professional appraoch.

Since our inception in 2007, we were hand picked by companies of repute to work for them in ehv projects, 400 kv reactors,breakers,wave traps, rural electrification and many others.

We are looking up to partners from across globe for promoting their following products across select states of india.

  • Ehv transmission line protection, maintaince systems.
  • On line bushing monitoring.
  • Transformer partial dischrge monitors.
  • Circuit breaker analysers.
  • Total transformer monitoring systems.
  • Phasor measurement units.
  • And any other related product.

Please forward your proposal along with complete product details on mail, ceo@pec-india.com

Key Persons & Experience

Rakesh Sharma

Electrical Engineer with over 30 years of rich experience. He is ably supported by team dedicated professionals.