EHV & Power Projects.

EHV & Power Projects

Wewould like to share our experience in the mistakes Project awardee Companies make thereby losing of un recoverable levy of Penalty, which in turn severely diminishes bottom line.

Usually time given for a Project of 400 kV is 24 months & for 765 kV it is 36 months depending on number of bays to be erected. Usually awardees take considerable time in finalizing L-2 network and in getting it approves. Secondly setting up of site office, mobilizing man power and submission of drawings etc. for approval also takes considerable time, which delays commencement of work thus having a cascading effect & race against time begins. In this race however delays keep on happening thus attracting non recoverable penalty.

We have executed three 400 kV Transmission lines Projects and one 220 kV GIS Project from 2009 – 2014 and faced the same issues as mentioned above & were successful in overcoming above mentioned issues.

Every Government Power Utility in India has different clauses in their Orders and therefore a need to have a dedicated Professional organization to look after following,

  • 1. Close interaction & liaison.
  • 2. Understanding stated & Implied needs.
  • 3. Foreseeing the issues which may come up in coming days & taking corrective measures.
  • 4. Professional rapport with officials.
  • 5. Understanding of General Condition of Contract, Special Conditions of Contract, Purchase order & Erection Conditions of Contract.
  • 6. Understanding of site, Finance, Accounts & Contract wing.
  • 7. Capabilities of resolving any issue related to above.
  • 8. Ensuring first time right payment documentation.
  • 9. Timely Collection of Payment.
  • 10. Closure of Contract.

We are fully conversant of all the above points mentioned above and can claim time bound collection & closure.

Our Profile includes the following,

  • 1. Providing last order Prices.
  • 2. Pre tender arrangement with Contractors.
  • 3. Finalizing the Prices.
  • 4. Resolving issues after technical bid opening.
  • 5. Ensuring Price bid opens for our Principal.
  • 6. Ensuring LOI /Order are released to with out any delay.
  • 7. Approval of GA drawings, SMQP’s, BOQ’s, L-2 Network, Vendors, Kick off Meeting.
  • 8. Establishing site office, Getting MRN’s, Payments remittance & Closure.

We also have rich experience in Execution of 400 kV Lines and Sub Stations as we have successfully worked for Companies as shown in home page.

Site visits& review meetings with CMD is integral to our profile.

We are looking forward for proposals from EPC Contractors for upcoming tenders for 765,400 & 220 kV SS & TL jobs.

We are looking forward for proposals from across world for promoting their Products in Indian Power Sector.